What to Do When Clicking On Email You Are Unable To Read It?

MSN offers so many services and one of them is email. Millions of users use it for personal as well as professional purpose. Now there are times when due to some technical issues, user need to face problems. One of them is when you click on a mail to read it but you are unable to read it. Below is the solution for this problem. In case the user is able to resolve the problem through these steps then it’s perfectly fine otherwise there is always an option to get in touch with the MSN support services team.

  1. Of each of your accounts ensure the quantity of e-mail messages you have in your folder or inbox:

  • To synchronize huge amounts of e-mail take longer with the e-mail servers, this can cause delays.
  • On your connection speed the E-mail synchronization time also relies. Over broadband it will take less time to synchronize than over dial-up .
  • One-time occurrence is the first synchronization delay and it requires completing so your MSN Email will work properly.
  1. You can begin e-mail synchronization If you are sign in To MSN Explorer by:

  • The user needs to click the Mail & More that is mentioned at the top of your MSN Explorer screen.
  • Clicking the Synchronization button or on your keyboard press the F5 key that is present at the top of your Mail Inbox screen.
  • Write the error message if any error messages emerges, and for a solution search for MSN Solution Center, or ask a question.
  1. On your keyboard press the CTRL+SHIFT+F9 keys to clear the local data store:

Note: By entering the username and password prior the user needs to go through the steps to the usage of the MSN Explorer to setup your sign-in screen.

As we just clear the local store MSN may take longer to sign-in and it is needed to reconstruct the data for your usage.

  1. Disable any security software or firewall, and then re-enable the software.

Warning: Your network or computer may get weaker to attack by malicious users or by malicious software at the time of this workaround like viruses whilst the security software or firewall is stopped.

  1. To disable and re-enable your firewall or security software click here for steps.

In case your network includes other hardware like routers, hubs, a wireless access point, switches, and you are giving efforts to utilize POP3 to recover your e-mail, try to link your computer straight to the modem. In case you are unable to do this, it’s better to call at MSN technical support number.